An Afternoon With The City Shaman

This is a story about my first time visiting a Shaman and why I now believe in exorcisms. This topic isn't about exorcisms but I think you find out why I brought it up. In the past, both my mother and father have seen a Shaman. For those of you that don’t know a Shaman is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing. Sounds like some wizard, warlock witchcraft right? Well it is and it’s awesome.

While on my honeymoon in Europe for 34 days, we stopped in London to see my Aunt and her family. Her husband is a Shaman and has been practicing for quite some time. I was a bit skeptical at first, sounded very intimidating and I didn't know what to expect. My wife went first very eager and excited about it. I won’t go too much into the process because I highly recommend you find out for yourself. Anyways, it’s my turn and he has me sit in a chair across from him and asks me to be, “open and receptive.” He asked me if I had any paid or discomfort in my body, and I told him I get this sharp shooting pain in the middle of my right shoulder from time to time that requires me to hold it until it goes away. I focused on my breathing, closed my eyes and sat back for the ride. 

Photo by Ciera Lagges in Auburn, California edited with Mextures App and VSCO.

Photo by Ciera Lagges in Auburn, California edited with Mextures App and VSCO.

He started the chanting and drum rhythmic beat and began to clear the room and call to his spirt guides for guidance and help. He then asked me again if I felt any energy, warmth, cold, or irritated parts of my body. I answered with, “my feet are cold.” He proceeded with a, “Yes.” He then began to ask the spirit around my feet questions like, do you know where you are, what is the last thing you remember, what is your name, and things like take a good look at the body you have held onto, its not yours. 

Fun Fact: One of his spirit guides is my grandfather Rueben. Once Rueben had passed he came back to check on his family and presented himself in his typical attire of a cowboy hat and cowboy boots so his son-in-law, My uncle, knew it was him. True story.

The spirit was very cooperative and answered his questions or tried too. The spirit was male who remembered being by a river and a large amount of people approaching him, then being stabbed in the shoulder. 

My uncle wasn’t saying the answers from the spirit out loud so I didn't know what had happened until the end. He took notes throughout the entire session.

I was also informed that the spirit had latched on to me about 4-6 years ago. Spirits latch on to you during a traumatic experience. When you have an emotional experience its like big holes open up and the spirits dive right in filling them in. Could be a good spirit, could be a bad spirit. Either way they haven't crossed over yet and usually don’t even know they have died.

Photo by Ciera Lagges in Auburn, California edited with Mextures App and VSCO.

Photo by Ciera Lagges in Auburn, California edited with Mextures App and VSCO.

He asked me again if I felt any energy or discomfort on my body and I answered with, “My neck.” It was an unusual sensation that is hard to describe but I knew it was there. He agreed with me and proceeded to talk to the spirit. This is where things get weird. I got a slow progression of nausea and my body temperature was rising. My uncle was calling to his spirit guides to help but I couldn't shake the feeling. Within seconds I asked if I can use his bathroom, not knowing if I was aloud to interrupt the session, because I’m about to shit myself. Luckily for me, the bathroom was connected to his office and I relieved myself. It all happened at once and I had instant relief. After, he explains to me that the spirit was aggressive and didn’t want to leave my body. Spirits are able to hide in my body and he was trying to which gave me nausea and raised my body temperature. I think it’s safe to say he exited through my… trap door.

After the angry spirit, he conducted a soul retrieval on me. As I was saying before about traumatic experiences causing gaps to be filled by spirits, at the same time a part of you is leaving and Shamans are able to get them back. My uncle had retrieved, joy, laughter, and confidence. He also asks me at the time of my loss, 17-21 year old me, if she has anything she wants to tell me. And young me replied with, “have more fun, laugh more.” I immediately teared up. Not knowing that I didn’t do those things anymore, and that she was right, I did loose some confidence. To be honest I think I know exactly what moment in life that caused it. He also told me that I had blocked something very traumatic out that when I was ready he could retrieve it for me.

He also presented me with my spirit animal or animals in this case. Spirit animals are fun, they change throughout your life and are there for whatever you need at that time. The spirit animals show themselves to your Shaman. Their qualities and characteristics are what you need to grow, repair, and change.  I was shown a gorilla as my spirit animal, and an elephant as my wisdom spirit animal. He asks you to do research on why your spirit animal showed itself to you. He was very clear that my gorilla was massive burley looking dude. Which it is really fun to pretend he is in every room with me, even when the room is really small. Anyways, the only thing physically we have in common is that we are ground dwellers and we have the same amount of teeth. Some characteristics we have in common is great care for your troop and your nest. They are fairly tolerant and unaffected by other monkeys. They also don’t have many predators to worry about. Those are the characteristics I related to and I found what I need to work on. Spirit animals also dream with you to communicate. 

Photo by Ciera Lagges in Auburn, California edited with Mextures App and VSCO.

Photo by Ciera Lagges in Auburn, California edited with Mextures App and VSCO.

It’s all just extremely fascinating to me. What really tripped me out was when we arrived back home in California, I hopped onto my computer and noticed my two external hard drives where named Gorilla and Elephant. I had named them before I left on my trip. I IMMEDIATELY emailed my uncle and told him about the hard drives. He told me that your spirit animals will try and show themselves to you. I also had a tiny little blue elephant on my desk. And I’m not one to say, “i’m obsessed with elephants” it was all coincidence and it tripped me out. 

To conclude (Mrs. Woolsky, 6th grade teacher, would be so mad that I’m ending with that) I believe in exorcisms because that spirit controlled my body temperature and my stomach. No, but really I recommend a session with a Shaman. It’s a truly unique experience that is eye opening and gives you more perspective of the world. Sometimes the worlds complexity makes it more enjoyable. 

I can refer you to my Uncle if you live in the London, UK area. Or he does some over the phone stuff. Check out his website if you have any questions he is the nicest more sincere person I know.