The Big Road Trip '15

Do you like quick and to the point stories? I sure do, I know you have lots of other blogs to get to, possibly some cat videos or buzzed recipes. I get it. So here we go!

October 29, 2015 maybe it was the 28th, I don't remember. Kelli and I left Sandpoint, ID for Minneapolis, MN on a four day road trip. We were transporting my fathers new Jeep to him. We offered to do this great venture and in return we got to camp in states we’ve never been to. The route was simple, stay on the I-90-East. We stopped to get gas in Wyoming on day 2 and had this idea to photograph my fathers jeep in all these amazing places we were going to. Not in any particular order the Jeep was photographed at: Devils Tower WY, Yellowstone WY, Badlands SD, Palisades State Park SD, Mount Rushmore SD, where the buffalo roam, and anywhere along I-90 like a T-Rex museum.

Some true and fun facts: It took 15 minutes of driving in Wyoming for us to finally see another driver. The town outside of Mount Rushmore was deserted and really creepy. Mount Rushmore is a lot smaller than you’d think. Still impressive, also had a deserted creepy feeling. The Badlands in South Dakota where incredible! Breathtaking sunrise and sunsets. We actually thought we were going to die once. We had set up camp in a designated “wild” camping spot. We placed our tent on the right side of Jeep in hopes it would block some wind. The buffalo had grazed around us all evening. They moved on and we thought that was it. Well come early morning around really fucking dark and cold o’clock and we start to hear snarling and really heavy breathing. We laid silently and motionless as the sound got worse and worse. Early that day we had read a sign that said “DO NOT GO NEAR BUFFALO” and that they could trample you if startled. A neighboring campsite had their car lights on which illuminated the buffalo’s head right inside our tent. I have never been so terrified in my life. Which is a lot to say because we got pulled over buy South Dakotas finest and Zeke the drug sniffing dog the next day. Oh, and we ended up making a calendar with the photos and gave it to him as a christmas gift. Enjoy the photos!

- Ciera