The Big Road Trip '15

Do you like quick and to the point stories? I sure do, I know you have lots of other blogs to get to, possibly some cat videos or buzzed recipes. I get it. So here we go! October 29, 2015 maybe it was the 28th, I don't remember. Kelli and I left Sandpoint, ID for Minneapolis, MN on a four day road trip.

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Dublin, Ireland


September 26th, 2014 - Dublin, IRE

Arriving in Dublin at the early hour of 6:30AM about 45 mins early from our original arrival time. We make our way on a city bus to the center of Dublin to find our hostel and ship off some like [shew] t-shirts to London. (more info on that coming soon!)

I felt like I was in a BBC movie watching all the school kids take the city bus to get to class. Some wearing maroon school uniforms and some wearing blue. You could see the cliques without every hearing any of them speak. I felt like I was watching an episode of Skins UK. We arrive safe and sound ditched our bags at our hostel and put foot to pavement.


Next, we found ourself a little hole in the wall cafe called Elephant & Castel. Adorable name, mediocre food. I've known this but this also reassured this thought, europeans don't know how to cook eggs. We stood out as we were the only ones ordering 2 eggs any style, toast, sausage, and hashbrowns. Most people had granola or muffin. Oops!


After that not so tasty breakfast we decided to walk to the Guiness Factory to hopefully explore its interior. This was by far the best and most interesting tour I have ever done. The first perk was that it was self-guided. I don't like to be boxed in with crowds and headphones that a bajillion other people have worn, call me OCD. It was such a visually pleasing tour. Typography, color, industrial design, and incredibely innovative. There, we met a lovely older Australian man named Ken. He was on a 'walkabout' for 5 weeks all by himself. We enjoyed a complementary Guiness together and discuess our travels. He congratulated us on our honeymoon and we went our seperate ways. 


Thennnnnn, on our way to check in to our hostel, which is at 2:00PM, we came across Dublins smallest bar, The Lotts aka The Snug Bar, so obviously we had to go inside and investigate. Ordered a Smithwicks (thats for you brother) and enjoyed the locals watching their golf. The bartender was adorable and we bonded quickly. A girl at the bar recommended food at a restaurant called Grangers, so we packed up headed to the train station to inquire on ferry times and found ourselves at another little bar, Grangers.


This will be short and sweet. I order the special, fish and chips with a pint, and Kelli ordered a panini, their "smallest meal." I watched a man in his 60's drink Smirnoff Ice, and another order Coors Light. Gross and Gross.

By this time its 5:00PM and we finally checked in to our hostel and regrouped. We were in a 4-bunk room and had yet to meet our bunkmates. After accidently taking a sleep, we woke up around 9:00 to our Ohio bunkmates. Also, doing the same thing, traveling for 3 weeks but with 5 guys. Originally the idea of sharing a room with random strangers was kind of weird to me. But this whole trip is about putting me outside of my comfortzone. It turned out to be quite lovely and the only thing that was a bother was to try to remember to not fart in the middle of the night. Yeah, I do that. Taking our second sleep we fell asleep to the local bar playing live music with a band that must only play Americas one-hit-wonders. I sang myself to sleep!


Truckee, CA

Boca Campground

During the popular California droughts, most lakes are very dry allowing you to explore in rare places. Photo: Ciera. A. Lagges - August 2014.

During the popular California droughts, most lakes are very dry allowing you to explore in rare places. Photo: Ciera. A. Lagges - August 2014.

Boca Campground - Truckee, CA (Near Lake Tahoe on the Boca Reservoir)

Going camping doesn't seem as easy as I remember as a child. Planning in advance can be crucial when it comes to reservations, and finding a noteworthy spot. Usually most websites and travel books don't do it justice. I'm a very visual person, so I hope to intrigue you as much as this place intrigued us. 

During the summer the lake is so low that most boats aren't on the water making a quite experience, also allows you to wake to the lake and see some of it dried up. If you're lucky you might see the local Shepard, his four dogs and his herd of sheep. Be sure to call in your reservation and avoid online. Typically will say the campsite is full when it isn't. 

The storms can be deceiving in the summer months, visual across the lake you can see lighting and thunder heads but fear not, other than wind nothing makes it's across the lake. Making it a very unique experience.

TIP: Use and to find your campsite but be sure to call to book, I found that online isn't as accurate with reservations as talking to a human is. Most sites had openings that were not available online.

Directions: Take I-80E toward Reno. Exit Hirachdale. Follow signs for Boca-Stampede Resevoir. If you need cash be sure to get it in Truckee before you head to camp. We found that most general stores ATM's were out of order. Truckee is only a 20 minute drive but it can ruin the nature of the trip.

Animals: No real big threats. Bear warnings but very rare chances of actually seeing one. Chipmunks, black bird, flies and red ants will be annoying especially the chipmunk family of 8 that made it a nightly routine to scavenge our campsite at night.

Campsite #22: For small groups up to 6-8 people max, or two big tents. Overlooks the reservoir in a 180 degree view. Walk in only, park a little farther than your average campsite. Have to walk through campsite #21 to get to campgrounds.

Campsite #22 + #21: Perfect for large groups who some space to spread out. Great if you have a rowdy crowd due to being so secluded. About 3 possible locations for Hammocks and even more space for tents. No RV Spots.

Campsite #19: always first come first serve. Not so private of a spot but beach access all to yourself!


  • Dirt bikes
  • Quads
  • Boating
  • Wake boarding
  • Water skiing
  • Jet skis
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Tubing
  • Fishing (with permit)


  • Day use or Overnight
  • Amazing view
  • Great for all outdoor activities
  • Vault toilets 
  • Hidden yet easy to find
  • Fire pit with rack
  • Picnic tables
  • The friendliest Host (Dennis, tell him we sent you)


  • No running water
  • Firewood is expensive
  • Cash only
  • Surrounding stores lack supplies also very expensive