LookBook 2015

I want all of you to meet one of my best friends, Erica Shea Lysdal, the face for LIKE SHEW apparel. She is a ladykiller on the outside and a huge teddy bear on the inside. While currently studying to be a masseuse, she makes music with her brother, Gooniewolf.

When the discussion of who should be our model for the 2015 LookBook, I immediately thought of her. She told me she couldn’t model and that she was nervous. Something Shea and I share in common is getting questioned about our wardrobe and our “boy” looks. Shea is the first person to not give any f***s when it comes to that. So proud to have a friend that celebrates androgyny. She is beautiful and handsome. Best of both worlds my friend. I hope you enjoy the shoot, you will be seeing a lot more of these in our upcoming magazine and all over the website.