Yaak, Montana

Location: Whitetail Campground

City / State: Yaak, Montana

YAAK! Not a whole to report about the town of Yaak. We went there to visit the local mercantile to get a fishing license. Outside we saw a group of Mennonites enjoying some ice, the saloon across the street was blaring Sandstorm by Da Rude. The campsite was the most peaceful out of the 4 we went to. Very few neighbors, lots of greenery and right on a river with a little metal rowboat right out of a painting. The campsite came with a Yurt which came in handy with Montana's frequent summer rain showers. It was a great way to start the trip with some serious solitude with my favorite people. We also ate like kings and queens because my mom is the best chef in the world. I seriously rather eat her food over 80% of restaurants. She never disappoints, she's crafty and she's just my type. All in all Whitetail is a great campground.