10 Things I Learned Without an iPhone.

First thing, I hate those blog posts with the catchy title and then the lackluster content. I can't promise my content will arouse you but I can promise to keep it short and to the point.

Intro: I lost my iPhone the day after my wedding, most likely in a drunken stupor. I had it on airplane mode due to Yosemite not having any cell service. So I figured why not save my battery life and use it for music and as a camera. Therefore, the find my iPhone app was useless and it remains lost. I went to Europe for 35 days with an iPad and a flip phone that I didn't even turn on. It's been two months and yesterday I finally got my new iPhone. Here are 10 things I learned. 

1. TIME: an iPad on wifi can only last so long, and a flip phone is really only meant for calls. I found that my time on the iPad was significantly shorter than on the iPhone. It was more routined as well. At night I would log on to the social media apps, and edit photos for about an hour. I had so much time to just be and soak in my surroundings instead of worrying about documenting that moment.

2. ALL THOSE OTHER TECH DEVICES: I used my GoPro and Canon 5DM3 a lot more without my camera phone. In a way, all the devices you bought before your iPhone have a use again. Writing things down in a notebook, using an actual camera, and getting directions from actual people.

3. DIRECTIONS: I retained how to get to places a lot better from a map and a local. I'm a visual person so seeing a map and actually using it to navigate stayed with me. 

4. CALLING PEOPLE: a voice conversation is the most productive forms of communication. Add gestures and facial expressions then we have the ultimate form of communication. The flip phone battery life is amazing. 5 days was my best. Calling is cheap and easy and reliable.  

5. FRIENDS: it is very hard to stay connected with friends and family. Texting with T9 and ABC text doesn't exactly spark up those late night long texts about how your cat scared you and then you watched Pretty Little Liars. By the time I logged onto Facebook or Instagram, I'm behind on all the updates and post that I just become overwhelmed and turned it all off. 

6. PRESENCE: I think it's pretty safe to say I was much more present in every moment. About 2 weeks in I stopped reaching for my non-existent iPhone or my wife's iPhone to just get a fix. 

7. BASIC FEATURES: I was pretty impressed with the fancy features on my Samsung flip phone like, calendar, calculator, notes, timer, some custom banner features, and even the Internet. It was pretty handy to have when everyone in the room was on their phone I could at least check what day it was, and add some shit up! 

8. WORK: it's is completely necessary for an entrepreneur or someone starting a business. It's your connection to the world!

9. SPELL CHECK: I found myself forgetting how to spell words when I always rely on my iPhone's autocorrect. Don't get me wrong it is so much easier! 

10. PEOPLE JUDGE: I got a lot of looks and comments with my flip phone out texting. I know I'm guilty of judging people. And now I know why I won't be a judgey-judgerson, they probably have their reasons for not owning a different phone so leave them alone! 

CONCLUSION: I want to be clear and make sure I don't sound like an old man on the porch yelling at the kids in the street. I enjoyed my time without an iPhone. I really did. But this world is progressing and it is extremely counter productive to go against the grain in this case. Technology is so much more present than I think we realize. And that's something I hope to work on. I love my new iPhone 6+ Gold with 128GB. It's going to become more of a tool in my life than a lifeline. I got the Plus so I would treat it like an iPad or a laptop. Store all my digital files so everything is accessible. I think it's unrealistic to live a life without some technology. But it is proven that I can live without it. It's good to revisit the past and remember why we created it in the first place. End rant.