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My favorite types of phone calls are ones that involved me photographing cannabis! The folks over at Bliss Edibles & Extracts asked if I could photograph some of their new run. San Fernando Valley Live Resin and Blue Ribbon Live Budder. The smell was insatiable. I think they turned out just wonderful! What do you think?

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They believe the key to a successful business strategy is finding the symmetry of capability, differentiation, and performance. Captor Blu is a strategic development company striving to improve companies and solve problems.


Kona, Hawaii

The Last Frontier

Bliss Edibles & Extracts

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Why I Stopped Drinking

Alcohol used to be my friend. It was there for me in college when I needed help making friends. It was there the first time I had sex. It’s been the center of my past eight birthdays. It helped me do things I never would have done out of fear. It was there to distract me. It was there to remind me about the present. Some of my favorite memories involve alcohol. Alcohol meant fun. 

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Yaak, Montana

 The campsite was the most peaceful out of the 4 we went to. Very few neighbors, lots of greenery and right on a river with a little metal rowboat right out of a painting. The campsite came with a Yurt which came in handy with Montana's frequent summer rain showers. It was a great way to start the trip with some serious solitude with my favorite people.

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