From a young age, graphic designer Ciera Lagges embraced her creativity and was brought up in an environment where art was fostered. Her foundation began with coloring in the lines, graduating to mosaics, then growing to collages with the precipice of making things her own. Drafting classes developed her handwriting and gave her an eye for balance, and film photography classes induced a prominent passion resulting in her collection of over 50 functional analog cameras. Her art reaches to create beauty from the mundane and practical, such as rescued unloved wooden boxes from thrift stores turned canvas’ or bullet casings into jewelry. Regardless of her path, creativity has always come first, it was that mentality that gave her the desire to procure  unique and original ideas.

Ciera is professional, takes creative direction well, thinks creatively to come up with new solutions, and is an overall joy to work with!
— Andrew Kallick - @agoodprint

Today Ciera is a well rounded freelance Graphic Designer with a focus on branding and digital illustrations. With 7 years of experience and a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design she is the competent and determined to effectively take on any project that comes her way. No one area of design is more important to her than another and thus has allowed her to broaden her range of skills and work in multiple industries ranging from music, healthcare, apparel, and film. Collaboration is one of her passions, particularly helping small businesses establish their identity through aesthetics and design, one reason she fell in love with design in the first place.

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