At a young age Ciera found art as a creative outlet. She started with coloring in the lines and then graduated to collages with the idea of making things her own. It was that mentality that gave her the longing for unique and original ideas. With a background in graphic design and affinity for photography Ciera found her desired forms of art.

Having been bit by the travel bug Ciera is rarely at home but all of her possessions currently live in her hometown of Auburn, California. When she isn’t planning her next outdoor excursion she is traveling all over the state hosting the Ganja Goddess Getaway (read about Ganja Goddess Getaway in the press below) as the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer. Ciera wears as many hats as she can from event photography, making merchandise, to designing the website. Creativity can be added to any task at hand. Currently available for new projects and collaborations.

I knew my junior year of high school I wanted to work with digital art. I always looked up to my brother for being so naturally gifted with the pencil. I felt this way when designing for yearbook class in Photoshop and InDesign. I started out as a marketing intern working in an industry I knew nothing about. Self-employment came out of necessity as well as desire. Nearly 10 years of graphic design experience with logos, branding, business cards, websites, packaging, and social media content.

I've been enamored by the photograph for as long as I can remember. I received my first camera at age 10, and I now own over 50 functional cameras both digital and analog. Behind the camera I have almost 10 years of experience in portrait, food, landscape, wedding, and product photography all over the west coast.



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